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YellowHands Home Page

Welcome to YellowHands Home Page!

I hope that you find things useful and interesting while visting my site.

Please... be my guest and follow the links below
and begin a journey through the information
and experiences that I have accumulated here to share with you.

Remember that 'all things are related'
and please......
'walk softly upon the earth'.

Thank You!

Steven YellowHand

Welcome Home!!

My friends and relatives after along needed break from the internet I have returned to continue the good works that I/We had begun many years ago. The "Yellow Hoop" is still alive and well and working everyday to help Lakota and other Native American peoples.

e-mail was stuck on stupid!

Hey folks the yahoo e-mail got stuck on stupid! I got it fixed so you will be able to contact me now. Sorry for the wait.



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