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Child Behavior/Dicipline

In this section it will be my intention to bring to
you some alternitive concepts to dealing with normal
everyday problems that all parents face at one time
or another.

Sometimes as a parent getting to a very high level
of frustration, which can lead to anger, and hostility,
that ends up being taken out on the entire family, and
mostly the children.

Dicipline can be found in your home without
shouting or spanking. All it takes is learning how to
get your children to cooperate.

Not Following Directions:

The root of most problems that parents
face with child behavior stems from not following
directions. If you the parent can master this
one area of teching your child you will soon
see most of the other areas of dicipline will follow
true to form.

The big "test" starts as soon as interaction
between a child and a parent begins this big "test"
sometimes is viewed as a big test of will between
the parent and child resulting in a compitition for
supremacy in the home. Just how do you get the
testing of the limits to stop?

It's easy,

First make the limits and parameters known and
clear to your child, and when the testing times
come always be consistant in the enforcing of those
peramiters set forth by you. At first your child may
react as if you were some terrible dictator. But all in
all your child will find the comfort and security that he
or she much needs due to your standfastness and
willingness to show that you mean what you say.



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