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Welcome Home
General site description and greeting

Koens and Songs
Helpful words of wisdom and uplifting songs

All kinds of poems, happy, sad,etc.

Short stories and good ole folks tales.

Just some silly BS

Family Living
Helpful insights to child rearing and family living.

Spiritual Paths
One persons opinion and guidence on walking the Red Road

"Everybodies Kitchen"
Here is a variety of woodland kitchen ways
of the kitchen, recipes, water purification,
oven building and much more check it out

E.C.H.O.E.S. Foundation
This site is all about building with adobe.

Have you every just thought about "who" you are?
Have you thought on how your words, and actions, effect other people?

Peace through positive actions.

Multi-Cultural Site

To the visiters of this site:

This site has a mixture of thoughts,ideas, and teachings. It is my hope to show and share many things that may help to bring people together because of the things they have in common rather than divide them because of differences.

Sometimes words that would please one person may anger another so in advance if ever any words on this site may somehow offend anyone I apologize in advance and say to you offense is never our intention.