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First Degree Burn

Only the outer layer of the skin is burned.
There will be reddening of the skin and
perhaps some swelling. The patient will
usually complain about pain at the site.
Since the skin is not burned through this
is also known as,

Second Degree Burn

The first layer of the skin is burned through, and the second
layer is damaged. You will see intense reddening, blisters and spotted
(motteled) appearance to the skin. Burns of this type can cause can
cause cinsiderable swelling within 48 hours of the injury. A second
degree burn does not burn through all layers of skin and is also known as,
Sevre pain will always accompany this type of burn.

Second Drgree Burns will alway s be surrounded by First Degree Burns.

Third Degree Burn

figure #1

Seperate digits with sterile gauze pads as demonstrated in figure #2
figure #2

Cover entire burn wit sterile gauze dressing.
figure #3