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Earthen COB (monolithic adobe)
home building overview.

Clay, sand, and straw is exactley what this home was made of (pictured below),
insuring it's caretaker many years of quality living.

Notice there are no big machines present for the mixing of COB
The proccess here is as ancient as knowledge itself.
The nice thing to be aware of is the joy that family and friends can,
have in building a COB home together as a community project.

When the frame work for a COB cottage or house is first constructed the,
heavy timbers (above) have to be shored up until the cob or stone,
walls are built (below) where shoring will no longer be necesary.

COB is a very strong durable building material these walls pictured
(above ) 300 lbs per square foot crush strength.

The poles that you see (above) that are stretched across this cob home roof
are placed there to give strength to supporting the sod/natural grass roof
that will be the final step to roofing this COB home.


Even though a sod roof is demonstrated here, any kind
of common roof will do just fine. It is a matter of personal choice.

Rubber liners can be purchased from almost any roofing company.
They are long lasting and durable and can withstand multiclimate conditions.
The rubber liners are expensive on average of 3 to 6 hundred dollars
however to have a sod roof these liners are a necessity to prevent leaking.

Many other alternatives are available for roofing COB homes, we will cover,
some of them later on this web site.

As you can see in this picture (above) under the black rubber liner,
there is white styro-foam insulation. This assist the sod roofs ability to
insulate even when the sod is wet.

These homes below are often refered to as 'cottages'.
These cottages are finished homes.
As you can see the finished home is very comfortable and attractive.

Follow the links below and watch as these 'Cob' homes developed from
clay in the ground to beautiful, long lasting, durable homes.

In the following pages indoor finishes, colors, and textures will be explored.

"more about cob"

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