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Q: Can one place, get all the info we need to pass on info to others, without
e-mailing all the different people in all the different areas they are working with?

A: Yes, you can e:mail us at:

or you can write to :
E.C.H.O.E.S. Foundation
P.O. Box 453
Marshfield, MO

or you can call our office at:
(417) 859-7812

Q: Where is the best place to send donations?
Steven Yellowhand
P.O. Box 453
Marshfield, MO

Q: Did the group receive it's non-profit status?
A: No, we have a 'pro-tem' merger with TPRC
(Trans Pecos Renewal Center)
which is a 'Not for Profit Organization".

Q: If I send in a Letter of Intent to a Grant or Foundation group.....what name do I use?
A: E.C.H.O.E.S. Foundation

*NOTE: All communications must be "pre-approved" by our CEO and Founder Steven Yellowhand.

Q: What, exactly do we want to put in such a letter?
A: See link for "Reaching Out" coming soon

Q: Is there a "Mission Statement"?
A: See link on "Mission Statement".coming soon

Q: Is there a place where people can send "gently used" stuff
to help fill these houses being built?
A: Yes, you can send it to us. Be sure to send us a letter leting
us know what is coming so we can make the proper efficient
delivery methods. (no sense transporting things twice.)

Q: What is the present plan for building.....10, 100, 1000 homes per year/total?
A: For 2001/2002 25 dwellings is the projected plans. It could change for
various reasons i.e. could only be 2 homes or it could end up being 200.

Q: Is this building in conjunction with tribal leaders?
A: That is a process and yes, we are participating in those processes.

Q: Who determines who gets the house?
A: E.C.H.O.E.S. Founder Steven Yellowhand. If we fund it it is a strict criteria to qualify, however,
if you fund it then we will provide expertise/engineering for the project as long as
the project follows our community participation policy.

Q: Is there some way to wire money into an account? Is there an account set up, yet?
A: No, For now just send checks or money orders to our P.O. Box

Q: What are the parameters of getting a home built for someone?
A: Need to be indian with tribal proof, however, we may make exceptions
with special circumstances. Need to own the land to be built on. Must participate. Some other stuff too.
We will probably build a page that goes into great detail. Of coarse we will take each applicant as a case by case
to better fit the needs of those whom qualify.

Q: Is the schedule created as requests come in and availability of people/material to do it?
A: yes

Q: Is tribal leadership approval needed to build on the Res.?
A: Not in most cases. Only if the land is owned by the tribe. There is plenty of "Res."
land that is privatly owned by the indian people there.