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All over the world there are cities just like ours making community gardens. Producing high quality vegetables for the people of their communities....

Simply neighbors helping neighbors.

Community Garden projects are great partnerships for children. Outdoor classrooms teaches our youth life skills and awareness of the world around them. Building both knowledge and self esteem through the joy of gardening.

Individual Phase Developement Links

High Tunnel and Low Tunnel Gardens Orientation

The Community Renewable Resource Project

The Community Renewable Resource Project is a unified community
effort to provide fresh produce to lower income families in
Southwestaern Missouri cities and rural communities and surrounding
region. A community garden, and classroom organized and operated by
donated labor, materials and resources, of local businesses and
volunteers in the Southwestern Missouri region.

Many other cities and communities have created community gardens
to provide valuable resources to those in need in their cities..... can we!

A community garden can serve many purposes including sculpting areas of
our cities to beautify as well as supply a resource need of our community.