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Now lets take a look at COB
(monolithic adobe)

Creative COB Projects

Here are a few creative projects you can do other than build a home.

Earthen COB Construction Zone:
Follow these links below to see just how COB is mixed, molded and formed into a beautiful home or cottage.
Construction Overview #1
Here is an overview of one Earthen Cob Home under construction in Missouri.

more pics
Here are more Earthen Cob pics.

Locating the spot for your COB cottage.
and getting started on building with COB.

Where to start? Building codes, terrain, building principles, and how to get started.

This project is dedicated to bringing the technological skills of Earthen COB (monolithic adobe) Home Building to Native American Indian peoples.

An economical and efficient means of building
LOW COST homes for Native American Indian people.

Points to remember:

1.) The average Earthen Cob Home takes around $3,000.00 to $5,000.00 to build.

2.) Earthen Cob Home building is environmentaly friendly.

3.) Building a Earthen COB Home is a wonderful community or family project.

4.) Earthen Cob Homes are easy to heat and easy to cool.

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