Lakota Language
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Aho! Metakuye Oyasin.

I have developed this page as an aid to those folks whom are new at learning the Lakota way of life and the ceramonies and language that accompany it.

It is my hope that by learning the bits and pieces of the language that I am presenting to you here that the prayers, songs, and teachings that you may become exposed to you will make more sense to you so that you may broaden youir knowledge of this beautiful Lakota way of life.

To all my relations,


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Lakota 101
Lakota 101

ah-ah...... This word is used to encourage a child to "listen".

ahbleza.... This word means literally to "perceive" sometimes used to describe one observing.

ah-boo..... A childs term for "sleep".

ahpe....... "wait".

ahte....... "father"

a-i-i-i-i.. an expression of anxiety.

ake iyayapi.. "again they go".

akicita...... "indian police"

akita mani yo... "indian awarness" literally "observe everything as you go".

amonmnia....a childs word for "doll".

anhe....exclamation of self satisfaction.

anpetuwi... "the sun" literally the day sun.

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