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Welcome to the E.C.H.O.E.S. Foundation
"3-D Modeler Page"

Below are some 3-D Graphics illustration created by Steven Yellowhand.
This is our primary model for building in hot climates such as Texas.

This first illustration (below) is of the front of the COB 'monolithic odobe' cottage.

This next illustration (below) is a view of the
back of the cottage which is still unfinished.

(above) Standing in the bedroom.
(a colapsing door would seperate this room from the rest - not shown)
(below) Standing in the living room.

Here is a simple floor plan (below) to the 'Hot Climate COB Cottage'.

This plan does not include storage and large appliances.

There will be more posted later on different details
of the home as we get them developed.

We hope you like these and get the general idea
of just 'what' we are building.

For: •More information •To apply for our services
•Volunteer or 'get envolved'
Follow the link below to our 'RESOURCES' page.


Follow this link to our 'RESOURCES' page.

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