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Our First On-Line Newsletter!

This newsletter is a 4 directions, inter-tribal publication. We are commited to bring forward information and resources that will uplift all tribes as one tribe! Aho! Metakuye Oyasin

A message from our Editor:

Aho! Welcome to all our relations!

This is our first 'on-line' newsletter. There are many good peoples doing good works all over Turtle Island. As many are coming together and joining hands in a sacred Yellow Hoop we are developing friendships and various relationships that work in unity for the well being of the people. As you read through this newsletter you will see what your friends and neighbors and relations are doing. You will be able to watch the progress as each project, and as each struggle of the people unfolds.

Also there will be many announcements, teachings, stories, pictures, and 'resource sharing'. So please if you can contribute to the direction and production of this newsletter write us at the address below so that we may come together and expand this newsletter on behalf of the people! Aho! Metakuye oyasin. By reading this newsletter you have helped the people to live.....
.......Pilamaya! (thank you)

Steven YellowHand

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