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Checklist for Construction to begin May 14, 2002 at Imperial, Texas

20 tons course sand (to start with) The type that Avalon produced at the seminar in Imperial.

Backhoe or many laborers to dig trenches & lagoon or septic. Also the clay has to be dug up.

Dump truck load foundation stone (to start with) [must be square or 'squarish' not round]

10 tons 1" gravel

100 square bails of straw (to start with)

2 concrete mixers (electric)

800' of heavy duty extention cords.

Flood lighting for working at night. [standing lights are best]

Large plastic tarps. (for covering works in progress when not working)

Delivery system for (2) water hoses to be active at the same time on location.

4 wheel barrows. (2 wheeled is best if available)

4 machettes

Many plastic 5 gallon buckets (12 or more).

(2) 6' step ladders

(1) accending ladder

10 pointed shovels

4 flat sturdy scoop shovels (not snow shovels) to be used for feeding mixer machines with clay and sand.

Your choice of windows (the plan is to use very few windows to reduce solar heating of the home in the summer months)

NOTE* I need to know exactly what type and size and quantity of windows that you choose to use ASAP!!!!!!!!

Framed entrance doors [your choice but must be large enough to be handicap accessable (32").]

(1) Toilet and accesseries for mounting.

(1) bathroom sink and mounting accessories.

(1) double sink, kitchen sink.

(1) bath tub or shower ans accessories.

NOTE* I need to know what you want to do bath or shower and what type ASAP!!!!!

For plumbing I need to know PVC or Copper? Or What? ASAP!!!!!

Septic or lagoon? I need to know ASAP?

I need research date on building material types for your project on all facets of the project?ASAP!!!!

Thats all for now I'll be adding the roofing list soon. I'm still doing some figuring on type and cost?