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sweat lodge
The Rite of Purification Building tech. and info.

This site has an expanded
explaination of the Sacred Pipe.
"The Sundance"
This site has an expanded
explaination of the Sioux Sundance
ritual and beliefs.


The Making of Realitives. Ritual and beliefs.


This site has an expanded
explaination of the ritual,
"Crying for Vision"

"Tapa Wanka Yap"

the Throwing of the Ball
ritual and beliefs.

Walk this path.....

...... and life will change for you.

It is the natural way of things for all
living things to live in harmony. In the following pages there
will be many old ways of the Lakota Sioux discussed, as well as some new.

I speak of these old Lakota ways of being only to share with
my relitives what is needed in our 'way' to know Wakan Tanka,
and what is needed to keep our way alive amongst the oyate
for our realitives yet to come this way.

To bring forward the oldest teachings of our people for the next
generations so that we may always remain the Lakota Oyate for as
long as the wind blows and the rivers flow.

It is not my intention to offend anyone and I apologize in
advance in the event that, that may occur.

Some will choose to take the wrong paths in life,
but some will walk straight.

In your journey of life it is my hope that something
you find here is helpful to you. Metakuye oyasin!