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The origin of the sacred pipe stone.

Soon there will be a couple of links here that will take you to
two places: One is the Keepers of the Sacred Tradition of Pipe
Making website. There you will find the history of the sacred
pipestone and what others have called it and used it for that is
tragically beyond the making of sacred pipes. A virtual tour of
pipe making from when it is hand mined from the Earth to when it
is handcrafted into a sacred pipe.

The second link will take you to the page on this site that
tells the traditional story of how the White Buffalo Calf Pipe
was first brought to our people and what it meant then, and what
it means today to Native American people.

The Sacred Pipe called the 'Cannunpa' in native language.
Is very sacred and holy to Native American people.

I am one of the keepers of the sacred Cannunpa, A Medicineman,
and Sundance Chief of the Sioux Nation Sundance.

In the days to come there will many postings here meant as a
sharing for my relations to read about and then
discuss with loved ones and friends.

It is my hope and prayer to convey the great importance of
keeping our ways alive and current and available to all of
our relations whom read these things or hear of these things
that are so sacred to our people.

Through prayer I have came to the decision to post these things
here in order to help expand the thoughts and knowledge of our
people and perhaps to make more clear a pathway for one on his
or her spiritual journey of life. Hecitu welo -Nape Zi