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The Lakota Sioux Sundance....
a way of life.

The sacred Lakota Sundance is far more than an event or happening.  It reaches deep into the soul of Lakota family.
It is the most sacred of all the Lakota Sioux spiritual rituals.

To explain the purpose of the Sundance would have to also include interpitation of the cermony itself
by the individual Lakota Sundancer or thier perspective family members.
What can be done in all fairness is to share with you the reader my ideas, feelings and teachings
that I have recieved along the way as a Lakota man and a Sundancer.

Respect of the sacred ways of the Lakota Sioux is of great need and importance and least to say entitlement.
So I ask you my realitves as I proceed please understand that I am trying to
raise cultural awareness and understanding of the Lakota way of being.
A greeting and introduction to those whom may come our way and are unaware of our ancient traditions
that we still live each and every day of our lives as Lakota people.

If something is said on this site that you may not agree with or know in a different way
please know that my only purpose here is to help Native Americans and thier families and friends
and in no way ever would there be an intention to upset or offend anyone.

A community is the Sundance

The sacred Sundance is not a pow wow or a party or a BBQ event.
The Sundance is a cummulitive effort of entire communities reaching deep into the lives
of each and every family member of a Sundancer or persons whom attend, support, and/or pray at the sacred ceremony
and also extending abundantly into the lives of those whom live in the communities or reservations
in which the sacred Sundance ceremony is conducted.

The Sundance is not a mans club or a womans club but a family and community unified prayer.
Which does include fellowship and sharing, teaching, learning, giving and recieving.

At the Sundance you will see everyone with no exceptions.....
Grandpas and Grandmas, moms and dads all the children and grand children,
as well as the individual who may not have living family or is a loner.
You will see the businessman and you will see the house mom and even the teens
that hang out together on weekend nights at favorite gathering places.