"Today is that time of 'change' that you have dreamed, and spoken about"

"Let this page and what it has to say be that one thing that lights that fire within your spirit!"

I have looked and I have seen the empty eyes and sould of the people.
A great sadness became heavy in my heart. Why? Because I know that it does not have to be that way.

Today I come to you as a Spiritual Person and CEO/Founder of the E.C.H.O.E.S. Foundation. What I have to ask of you....my relations is no small thing. I am asking you now to extend your lives as you have never done before!

In early July, 2001 I went to a home of Lakota Sioux people. As they treated me well as a guest I felt welcomed. They had prepared 'Indian Tacos' a hearty meal fit for a Chief. As I talked with and observed the reality existing within their lives. I could see them expecting, and hoping for nothing. This being because they have never had anything except nothingness and lies given to them. Of course that beautiful wonderful Indian Spirit that loves and repects life, always thankful for thier precious life at all. But still I could see this family like a fallen tree in the forest.... still a tree but fading into the nothingness. So I went deep within the that that I call my center and as I honored the 4 directions it came to me. We have read and heard of the great "awakening". The time when the inner good spirit of the people awakes and begins to know and do thier part. No longer taking but giving to the life of all things. So as you read these words I say to you 'AWAKEN' it is time for healing change to come to all of the people! We read, speak, and hear talk of "sutainable environment" and that is what harmony is.... sustaining life for all things! I ask you now to help me create a radical change in the lives of these people I have forementioned. Here is how:

•Automobile for transportation.* (preferably a van.)
•Business license fee
•State business income tax number fee
•Stabialization fund.
•Tools of the trade.*
•Business cards
•6 month advertisment with coupon for local news papers.
•Child care. (non-government)

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