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A Note from Yellowhand


Among the world's scriptures, The Bhagavad Gita is one of the most
popular texts. Its popularity is demonstrated by the fact that, next
to the Bible, it is perhaps the most widely translated of scriptural
text. This scripture is suited for all of man-kind, irrespective
of a person's religious or ethnic background.

The Gita is considered as the Revelation given by Lord Krishna to
Arjuna, in the battlefield to help him resolve his mental conflict and
was put in the present form by sage Vyasa of India, ever since the great Shankar
wrote his commentary on it, many eminent scholars of the vedanta philosophy
have given their interpretations of this exemplary text.

It is not the ancient Indian thinkers alone, but many leaders of
modern times had also taken it as a text for expounding their noblest
thoughts. Many books such as Tilak's Gita Rahasya, Aurobindo's Essays
on Gita and Mahatma Gandhi's Ansakti Yoga show the continued preference
and admiration for Gita over centuries.

The tremendous appeal of The Gita is because it deals with practical
problems of Life, and contains lessons that we can follow to resolve
our day to day conflicts. This could be the reason why there are so
many links to the Bhagavad Gita that are available in the internet also.

s as ast Rast Rasta Rasta

Who is Ras Tafari Haile Selassie I and who are the Rastafarians?

Haile Selassie was the Emperor of Ethiopia from 1930 through the seventies. People who believe that Selassie is divine or of divine nature are called Rastafarians. There are many different sects of Rastas as well as individual believers all over the globe. They all believe different things. There is no unified rasta "church" or set of beliefs. So there is no set doctrine of what rastas believe.There are some organized groups. The largest is The Twelve Tribes of Israel founded in 1968 by Dr. Vernon Carrington the beloved Prophet Gad. The Twelve Tribes have headquarters all over the world including New Zealand, Sweden, Canada, Africa, Trinidad, and New york and Los Angeles to name a few.

They are closely tied to the Royal family of Ethiopia in exile, and working toward Haile Selassie's grandson: Zere Yacob taking the throne. Gad man teaches that we should read the bible cover to cover a chapter a day.Other groups include the Ethiopian national Congress (or Bobo Dreads) which was built around the late prince Emanuel, who toward the end of his life decided he was Adonai incarnate. The Ethiopian World Federation(EWF), who along with he Twelve Tribes have some settlers in Shashamane land Ethiopia.There's the Nyhabinghi Theocracy Government which has no centralized leader and who's members have names like Bongo Herman etc.

There's some rastas in off shoots of the Ethiopian Orthodox church. Then there's groups that people say use Rasta as a front like the Ethiopian Zion Copticswho follow "Brother Louv Williams", They have bought up large properties in Jamaica and have a history of legal woes from exporting ganja.

These are just a few of the rasta groups. There are many others and many without organization all over the world. They believe different things.Some believe Selassie is God Almighty, some believe he is the 2nd coming of Christ, some believe he is Christ-like, Kin to Christ through his lineage.Some read the bible some shun it. Some believe Haile Selassie was the last emperor, some believe whatever male son in the lineage holds the throne is Christ. Some are black militant and anti white, some like the Twelve Tribes have members of all nationalities shem, ham and japeth.

Some wear uncombed dreadlocks, some trim their hair. Some smoke marijuana some don't.Some are strict vegetarian and no salt (ital), some eat meat most don't eat pork. So you see, there is a huge variety of rastas and what they believe.Most believe it importantto repatriate to Mother Africa. This is just a quick intro primer, there's plenty of books on the subject for further reading.

It has been said to me that if you want to know Rastafari you should read your bible a chapter a day cover to cover, his autobiography, and another excellent book is the kebra negast the story of the line of Solomon.

The following is an encyclopedic style account of Haile Selassie's early life:
Tafari Makonnen was born in the village of Esjarsagoro in Harar Province on July 23, 1892. Upon his birth, His father Ras (Duke) Makonnen took Tafari from his mother Woizero (Lady) Yishimabet Ali and put him in the custody of his loyal General Haile Selassie Abayneh.Tafari was schooled and tutored by a French Catholic Priest. Besides French and Ethiopian languages, he studied ancient Ethiopian books such as the Book of Light, the 6+ 7 Books of Moses,the Ascension of Isaiah, the Book of Eden etc.

He also studied the Kebra Negast (Glory of the Kings) The 14 cent.story of the Queen of Sheba's trip to King Solomon in Jerusalem and the birth of their son Menelik who became the first Emperor of Ethiopia. This story is important in terms of Tafari's biblical lineage. Also important is the story of how King Solomon sent Moses' Ark of The Covenant to be safeguarded by his son in Ethiopia.

Tafari was made Dejazmatch (count or commander of the gate) at age 13 as his father neared death he entrusted Tafari to his long time friend Emperor Menelik II. After being looked over for political positions he eventually became governor of Harar Province; just like his father before him. After the Great Menelik died Empress Zauditu took power with Tafari appointed as her Ras and Regent. In 1928 he was named Negus and on NOV 2, 1930 Ras Tafari Makonnen was named Emperor of Ethiopia taking the throne name Haile Selassie(Power of the Trinity).



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